If you wish to visit a memorial, open the pdf for the memorial, found under “Text and further information”. As well as the text of the inscription, this gives the site of the memorial, with the address, map grid references and (for memorials recorded in recent years) the latitude and longitude (GPS) co-ordinates.

If only the map grid references are shown, go to https://irish.gridreferencefinder.com/ and paste the grid reference (letter and six digits) from the pdf into the appropriate search field. A map will appear with the site of the memorial indicated, within 100 metres..

If the GPS co-ordinates are put in the search fields of Google Maps or Google Earth, the site will be pin-pointed.

N.B. Note the way to enter these numbers. “N 52.7015°; W 6.9556°”, for example, should be entered as “52.7015 -6.9556”.