CavanSwanlinbarSt. Augustine's C. of I churchWindow, north side of naveS. H. Hutton
CorkBantryBantry House Two plaques RAF & RCAF casualties
CorkCastletownbereC. of I church Window, east sanctuary WW I casualties
Derry/Londonderry Portstewart The Promenade The Promenade WW I, WW II
KilkennyKilkennyC. of I. church of St. Mary & St. Columba Window, east sanctuary Conellan: WW I casualty
LimerickBallingraneMethodist Church ?Christopher George Shier
LimerickCaherconlishMain Street CrossWar of Independence
LimerickCastleconnellAll Saints Church ?WW I
MayoBallyhaunisAbbey Street/Friary PlaquePatrick (Bob) Gallagher
Meath Donaghpatrick St. Patrick's C. of I church Window, south nave Collins
MonaghanKillevanSt. Laebhan C. of I. church Window, east chancel WW I casualties